Megamind is a surprisingly touching yet funny story of a wildly successful super-villain, who finds himself in the unexpected position of having no arch enemy. As he yearns for the good old days of one-up-man-ship with the savior of Metro City, Megamind's one act of kindness comes back to haunt everyone with a vengeance.

Megamind the movie plays off, repeatedly, on the concepts of relative good and evil. In the presence of overwhelming good, Megamind defaults to being a villain and in the sudden vacuum of success, he is reduced to dutifully dehydrating trash. While this may sound cheesy, the movie pulls this off with equal parts witty repartee and goofy aplomb. The story has enough depth (nature vs. nurture as NPR calls it) to keep the adults interested while being silly enough to draw laughs from the younger audiences. The 3D effects are moderate and well executed, a perfect example of a maturing genre that is moving away from its early nauseating excesses.

The movie has its share of inventive characters and gadgets, starting with the Megamind's minion - the fish from his home planet that sits in a bowl, on a robot, wielding enough strength to crush a car. Then there is Megamind's extraordinarily useful dehydration gun which needs all but a drop of water to undo. And then his invisible car, which for some strange reason, lacks a panic button. And finally the ever-useful cloaking device that allows Megamind to take the form of anyone at all.

The characters are over the top, artfully voiced and three dimensional. Will Ferrel is the quirky villain, whose opponent is voiced by Brad Pitt. Tina Fey weighs in, in her inimitable style while managing to sound fresh and different.

All said and done, this is an animated super-hero movie - wantonly cheesy in places, but delightfully executed. The dialog is witty, pronunciation an atrocity, the evil is palpable and the eyes extraordinarily large. Most importantly the namesake sports a large polished dome for a head and comes with a skin hue of a popular primary color. Now who wouldn't want to see that.

November 08, 2010


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