The IT Crowd

British humor has a flavor of its own. Maybe it is the clipped accent, or the propensity to represent the biggest disasters with the most toothless choice of words. The IT Crowd does both of these, while injecting a healthy dose of nerdy humor into the mix.

"Hello, I.T. Have you tried turning it off and on again?". Roy (Chris O'Dowd) is the exasperating IT helpdesk guy from the basement of Reynholm industries, who uses this greeting to successfully navigate through most of his workday. His partner in crime is the much less accessible Moss (Richard Ayoade). Both would probably have been relegated to the dark confines of the basement, but for the fortuitous arrival of Jen (Katherine Parkinson) the confused go-getter with a suspect resume. After overcoming her horror and finding herself in charge of the IT group, Jen decides she must employ all means necessary to get herself out of the basement. After overcoming their horror at finding themselves in close proximity to a female, non-technical manager, the two IT guys decide they rather like this arrangement.

What follows is hours of cringe inducing, social norm defying, girl-chasing hilarity. True to class, there is enough and more of situational humor to keep the episodes rolling. And then there are the characters, a few are recurring, while most make their mark in a single episode. Richmond the Goth, who seems to be walking the fine line between a vampire and a misunderstood loner. Denholm Reynholm the original boss, earnest and clueless, that make Jen the head of IT. Douglas Reynholm the son, who finds little time for business between his chasing of Jen and his collection of erotic art.

The IT Crowd is goofy, rife with insider jokes and spoofs and most of all, entertaining. There is Star Wars, 8-bit pixel cartoons, EFF, The Flying Sphagetty Monster (Praise be unto His Noodliness!) and OMFG - RTFM. Having been shot in front of a studio audience, there is also a certain simplicity to the show. And where there is nerdy simplicity, there is bound to be LOL.

December 05, 2010


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