Just Go with It

What happens when Adam Sandler stops squealing like a surprised pig in every scene? You get a comedy movie that is actually watchable in Just Go with It. While the screenplay is as predictable as they come, there is a certain simplicity to it that actually makes it fun. And with an adorable cast, this is a surprisingly heartfelt and funny chick-flick.

Danny (Adam Sandler) is a smart-mouth serial-womanizing plastic surgeon, who uses a made-up story about a horrible wife to make his move on women. His assistant is the stunningly hot, yet under-appreciated Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), who is a single mother with two adorable kids - Maggie (Bailee Madison) and Michael (Griffin Gluck). When Danny meets a stunningly hot dumb blonde Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), and gets caught up in the story about his imaginary family, he has to look to Katherine and her kids to stand in.

The plot is as expected. The hot chicks are curiously hidden in plain view till they buy expensive clothes and high heels. Guys can be all the pigs they want, till they meet the hidden hottie and suddenly become amenable to settling down. And the kids are all grown up till there is a game night, and they suddenly break down yearning for a missing parent.

The kids perhaps are one of the best aspects of the movie. Between them faking a British and mafia accents, the two are hilarious. Between them they manage to carry most of the scenes with aplomb. And where the kids are absent, a quiet(er) Sandler cracks a few funny ones himself. Aniston is just herself; and by that I mean Rachel from Friends. The rest of the cast pitch in with their own brand of crazy that includes German accents and gay husbands.

Sandler comedies started going downhill right after he realized he was funny. Somewhere after Click, I decided not to watch a Sandler movie again. This movie however, was a surprising and welcome change. Not only was it funny, it added a few memes to pop culture - like "making a Devlin". And when you have to do something like that, listen to the advice from the movie - and just go with it.

April 25, 2011


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